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Duke Takes Five

Check out my collaboration with the JMU Alumni Association on the lessons I learned on the bike ride. 


Verona Teen Places Third In Competitive Bike Race

Nina Machnowski, up on two wheels before most, could even tie others’ shoelaces.

“I learned how to ride the bike when I was four,” Machnowski recalls. “My parents taught me the basics. When I was a toddler they used one of those baby seats attached to their bikes so I could ride with them.”

And the fourteen-year-old cyclist from Verona hasn’t stopped pedaling since.


Leaving it on the Road Webinar

Join Robert for a discussion about how life can be a lot like a bicycle ride. There are ups, downs, detours and obstacles that you might never have considered at first. During his 33-day ride across the United States States, Robert was able to identify valuable life lessons that he documented and shared with close friends and family on his blog before turning the experience into his first memoir to share with the world. Whether it’s getting in shape, finding a job, or discovering life’s possibilities that life, there’s a little something for everyone in this presentation!


Local Woman Connects with Others Through Hiking

Hikers are drawn to the train for all sorts of reasons. Check out the story of a woman in Wayne, NJ.