Officially four weeks to go!

Greetings and salutations! I hope that everyone is enjoying this lovely March weather as it continues to stay nice and chilled (boo!). Hard to believe that in one day it will technically be the first day of Spring. 

Today however is a special day. After marking down countless miles on the big calendar that Ralph likes to keep in the kitchen to mark our progress, we have reached the pinnacle four-week home stretch in our training schedule. I have to admit that these past two weeks have been rather grueling. Between figuring out how to keep my energy levels up by tweaking my diet and having to stay in the basement on the stationary bike I've been hard pressed to stay motivated with the increased hours in the saddle. With no apparent end in sight, sometimes riding solo on the stationary bike isn't the best method to keep one's motivation at its highest levels. But like I mentioned before with the help of Harry Potter's magical world of wizardry I have kept myself occupied enough to land me here, at the four-week marker. 

One of the best ways I found to keeping my mind busy during the hours on the bike was to change up the scenery every so often to keep things from becoming too stagnant. I've been going to the same gym for years now, and one of the great things about it is that it offers spin classes at various times during the day. Sometimes just getting out of the basement and spending some time with a group of people sharing a similar goal of working on the spin bike is enough to bring some variety to the day and break up the monotony of watching one Harry Potter movie after another. 

Like all training plans, the best way to keep yourself involved and engrossed in your workout is the change things up. Just because something is familiar doesn't necessarily mean that it is doing the best for you. Shaking up the old routine brings you out of that comfort zone and helps you establish some new boundaries to test yourself against. 

Until tomorrow, keep it going one mile at a time!

Danielle Rivenbark