Where's Ralph?

So I'm sure at this point some of you may be asking yourself, "Eric, you've done some talking about your training, where is the other half to this equation? Where is Ralph?" 

Well, look no further because I'm about to give you a little progress report on my dad. As of Monday he suffered from a back injury (evidence has indicated this may been caused by the long hours sitting in his chair this past Sunday doing taxes) which has sidelined him for the past several days.

Not one to be left out of the party, with a few visits to our friendly neighborhood chiropractor under his belt, Ralph is back upright and aching to get back in the saddle and continue his training. Tomorrow should be his first taste of the action, as we prepare for a little spin class session at our local gym.

As I mentioned in my previous post, sometimes the best way to shake up the routine is to get yourself out of your usual environment and tackle something fresh to give you that little extra boost in your workout.

For me and my dad this is a huge deal because there is only so much time a man can spend in the depths of his basement watching movie after movie before he starts to become a little unhinged. Aside from shaking up the typical regiment, there is just something about working out among a group of people taking up the same challenge that just really pushes you to leave it all out there. 

I am excited for Ralph's big comeback and look forward to seeing him beside me in the saddle once again. As for myself today I will already tackled one spin class, but with my college playing in the March Madness tournament I will be skipping out on my 4:30 class to watch my beloved JMU Dukes (not Duke) go for it against Indiana. Whether or not I'll be on the bike during that time is up for debate, as it stands I have three more hours left on my plate and I intend to make the most out of that time as I continue to prepare for this 3,400 mile journey across America. 

Remember, everyday is an opportunity to leave it all on the road.

Danielle Rivenbark