Where are we going, Eric?

A few people have asked me some questions about the specifics of my ride. Check out this link to America By Bicycle to get an in-depth look on what I will be doing from April 21st to May 23rd. The web page includes the miles I'll be putting up, the overall route, and where I will be on a day to day basis.

There were several options to choose from when considering how Ralph and I wanted to approach this ride. The choices available ranged from a slower pace of 40 - 50 miles per day spanning over the course of several months, to a faster route which would be completed in 33 days from Coast to Coast. My dad and I agreed that since time is of the essence, there was no sense in dawdling if we can finish sooner rather than later. Because of this we chose the "fast route," an option that has us averaging about 115 miles per day, equaling to roughly 6 - 7 hours of riding, depending on the pace. It is also unsurprisingly considered the most challenging of the options and as the date looms closer I am trying to put in as many hours between myself and the big ride to help ease the pain of the first few days. 

I have to be honest this training portion can wear a man down sometimes. With spring weather looming on the horizon and the thermostat slowly inching upwards, I've been fortunate to grab a few hours outside for some road cycling. However, with my bike currently in the shop getting adjustments I'm forced back into the basement, a place I am starting to grow tired of now that I have the option of getting some fresh air and sunshine.

But since I've been doing my little posts I'm starting to get some real positive feedback from friends who have encouraged me and offered words of support while I continue to train. It certainly helps to know that people are involved in what I'm trying to accomplish and it provides me with a nice motivational boost when I'd rather saw off my own leg than finish another 4 hour stint on the stationary bike. Thanks for those who have shown support, I'm looking forward to sharing the rest of my journey with you.

Today I will be trying to take it easy, putting in just two hours on the bike downstairs. This weekend is supposed to bring some glorious weather with it and my bike should be ready either by tonight or tomorrow morning. A little carrot at the end of the stick as I continue to leave it on the road.

Danielle Rivenbark