The Last Month

Hello all! I hope that everyone had a nice relaxing Easter this past weekend. Now that family time is over, it's time to get back into the full swing of things and get outdoors to put some miles on the road.    

We are now officially in the last month before the big bike ride takes off on the 21st, and as the weather continues to slowly warm up Ralph and I will be doing our best to take advantage of the opportunity. With my dad being the organized man that he is, we have a nice little itinerary of what we will be expecting as the countdown continues.    

Today we start our last few weeks off with a strong 60 mile loop that will take us out of town and over to my older brother's old High School, Pope John. While I barely remember the place, (aside that everyone had to wear uniforms), I do know that it is located approximately 25 - 30 miles away, with plenty of hills to tackle along the route. I cannot emphasize the importance of riding outside as opposed to being confined indoors. Without the head winds, hills, dips, and general factors to take into account, it has been much harder to gauge our progress as we move forward with the training. Thankfully with the month of March behind us, we can focus on the continued improvement of the elements outside as we continue our journey on the road.

Danielle Rivenbark