Not much on the cycling front

Nothing much to report on the front of cycling folks. After a nice relaxing weekend spent with close friends I was happy to say goodbye to some familiar faces as I continued to prepare for the long ride ahead. I feel pretty confident as the date gets closer, although a little nervousness sometimes finds its way into my thoughts. This morning I went for a 3 hour ride on the stationary bike with a spin class thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately although the weather couldn't be nicer we have already sent our bikes out to California so that they would be waiting for us on the other side with as little difficulty as possible. For the next few days it's going to be nothing but stationary bikes and spin classes. Not a huge deal though, we are supposed to be tapering off on the rides as it is, nothing more than 3 or 4 hours a day which is pretty sweet. We are starting to slowly put our supplies together for the trip, and before long we will be off to the West Coast!

Danielle Rivenbark