Mother Nature, What Happened?

What a ride yesterday!  What started out as a picturesque spring morning quickly turned into one of our roughest rides yet. With gusts of winds strong enough to shake the whole frame of my bike followed by a smattering of cold April showers, Ralph and I rode in relative silence as we kept focused during our 60 mile ride. 

Ignoring the savage turn in weather, my dad and I rode under a blanket of dark clouds for the entirety of the trip, passing Pope John High School and encountering plenty of steep hills in Sparta, NJ. Turns out I was wrong about the distance of Pope John from my house. Rather than 30 or even 25 miles, it was only a meager 21.2 miles. Undeterred we pressed forward to get the full 60 miles under our belts as we continued to prepare for the big ride. 

Today I decided to keep indoors while crossing my fingers for some warmer weather later this week. Thursday and Friday show some promise, but my eyes are on the weekend with claims of over 50 degrees scattered across the online weather channel. Still, I like to keep my options open even as I   keep my outdoor bike gear out in anticipation. April can be a fickle month when it comes mother nature, as yesterday's biking experience demonstrated. My dad even claimed to have seen some snow flurries this morning while I was in spin class. Although I long to be outdoors again, sometimes it's just not worth the cold and the wind.

With less than three weeks to go, I'm more excited than ever to leave the East Coast behind and work my way back from the seat of Shiva.

Danielle Rivenbark