The Countdown Continues

Greetings from the training headquarters aka, my room. I hope that everyone has been enjoying this break in the warm weather as much as I have. I know for a fact that my spirits have never been higher, nor have I ever been so optimistic about this upcoming ride. It's amazing how just a few degrees, (or in this case, about ten or fifteen) can really make the ride that much better. Rather than wrapping myself up in more layers that I can count, I have been able to hit the road with just my biking t-shirt and shorts.      

Getting ready for our ride

Getting ready for our ride

It's been a welcome change to say the least, and now that my hip flexor issue is on the mend and feeling much better I've been aching to get back outside to take advantage of this beautiful weather. Today I will be going for a light 40 mile ride to start my week, yesterday I dedicated my morning to stretching exercises with a spin class thrown in for good measure, just to make sure that my hip could take it.  On Ralph's front, the man is a machine, tackling long hours in the saddle both indoors and outdoors for the past few days with determination and grit. He has been dedicated to his stretches off the bike as well as exercises aimed at strengthening his back. It seems like everything is holding up very well as the training continues. With both Wagner men back in action, as I mentioned before I have never been so optimistic about our upcoming cross country trip. We have less than two weeks to go, and every day is a new opportunity to further prepare ourselves. 

On a more personal level, I just wanted to inform you all that I have picked up the interest of several local newspapers, including the Mount Olive Chronicle, The Daily Record, and the Observer Tribune. They have agreed to post my blog up on their home pages for your viewing and reading pleasure, just in case you all forget where to find me online. Time to get out there and get an early morning ride in. Until next time.

Danielle Rivenbark