Day 29 - Dunkirk to Batavia

Greetings from Batavia New York! What an eventful day yesterday! Let me tell you that when you are facing down a 140 mile ride, the last thing you want is to take a wrong turn and add to those miles. But wouldn't you know it, we did exactly that.       

We started off a little earlier than the rest of the group since members of the Wolf-pack are known to be a little slower than the rest. It took us about 15 minutes before we realized that we missed a turn, and since my dad had packed his Garmin navigator and mine wasn't working, we decided to follow another member of our group's GPS, thinking to ourseleves that maybe he a found a shortcut.       

Big mistake.      

By the time we realized that we had completely and utterly gotten ourselves lost, we were sitting on our bikes looking at the Pennsylvania border, 30 miles ahead of when it was supposed to appear. Slightly deflated, we pulled into a gas station and admitted our lack of direction to our ride leader. He agreed to meet us at a rendezvous that would see us to the correct course. By the time we were back on track, the rest of the group were miles and miles ahead of us.       

So much for the early start! By the time we pulled into the hotel, it was 5 o'clock in the evening and we had traveled a little over 150 miles. Thankfully there were no massive climbs or endless rolling hills to tackle. Instead we had a steady 10 mph headwind that let us know how slow we were going. But we pressed forward and made it to our destination, capturing some beautiful scenery as we pedaled past the endless waters of Lake Erie. It was truly amazing to ride next to such a massive body of water wasn't for so long and just take it all in. We must have rode along its shores for 80 or 90 miles yesterday, and kept riding alongside for most of our morning as we left the hotel behind for an active recovery day.       

Today was a nice leisurely ride of only 82 miles. It was warmer than expected, but with plenty of water to drink and the occasional milkshake, we were in good spirits by the time we pulled into Batavia. It's amazing to think that in only four relatively short days, we will have finally made it to the East Coast. There is a great feeling of accomplishment and pride in my fellow riders, but also the stirrings of sadness as our trip continues to wind down. I've been very fortunate to have spent time with such adventurous and determined people, and I hope to keep in touch with many of them after this ride has run its course.     

The next four days are going to be tough. We will be averaging about 120 miles per day and my body is starting to protest against all of this time on the road. But being so close to the end, it shouldn't be too hard to press onward until we have reached out goal.

Danielle Rivenbark