3 days left... Batavia to Liverpool

Greetings all from Liverpool NY! I saw a sign for Syracuse and my heart skipped a beat. Could I be that close to home? It seems like just yesterday I was on the other side of the country, dipping my rear wheel into the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean.     

To be so close to the finish line, and to have been blessed with such spectacular weather the past few days, has really gotten the group pumped up as we tore across the roads today for our 120 mile ride. It was by far the best ride I've had this trip, as well as for my dad. I haven't seen him in this good of a mood since we first left the California Coast all those weeks ago. Not to say that he hasn't been upbeat this whole trip, but today he was positively ecstatic as he ate up the miles with a vigor of a man half his age.     

After eating dinner with with Jim, one of our supporting staff, my dad learned that his pedal stroke was not in the correct form. Instead of using both a pulling and pushing motion to move the bike forward, he was only doing the pushing portion of the pedaling.      

This resulted in basically him working twice as hard as the rest of us! Watching him change his stroke today was one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time. He had one of the biggest smiles on his face, was joking around with the other cyclists and moved faster than I've ever seen him on this trip. It's a shame that he will only have three more days to really cut loose and hang with some of the bigger dogs on this ride.      

We will see what tomorrow brings as the days continue to drop off the calendar and we inch ever closer to the coast.

Danielle Rivenbark