2 Days Left... Liverpool to Amsterdam

Hello all from Amsterdam, NY. Between leaving Liverpool and rolling into Amsterdam, you would think that Ralph and I hopped a plane and headed to Europe for a little cycling...maybe next year! Until then, we still have two days of cycling left, and it couldn't be coming up soon enough. Tomorrow will be the hardest day of our last leg, with 6,000 feet of climbing over the course of 123 miles. We have guys on the tour being held together with nothing more than sheer wheel and copious amounts of athletic tape.     

It's amazing to see men who have 30 years on me just continuing to slug it out on the road no matter what their physical condition could be. Our group consists some of the most determined individuals I have ever had the chance opportunity to spend time with. To ride with them has been a real privilege. Not only are all of them determined to see this trip to the end, but many of them are also supporting charities or organizations dedicated to helping others.      My dad was generous enough to donate to several of their foundations. I'll be posting links to a few of them for you to browse at your leisure.    

Today was a strong ride for the Wolfpack. We held a fast pace-line (when the riders stay in straight line and draft off each other) moving at 22 mph for a nice long stretch of road. Despite consistent thunder storm warnings throughout the day as well as an ominous buildup of dark clouds behind us at one point, we managed to stay out of the rain.     

However, the temperature and humidity did continue to build throughout the day as the flat farmlands and small towns of rural New York gave way to some moderate hills that left Ralph and I sweating buckets. Thankfully our handyman Jim was at the right place at the ride time with some ice cold water to cool us down.      

My dad's knee was also starting to give him some trouble during the afternoon, most likely due to the sudden change in his pedal stroke from the day before. Although it has given him more power on the road, he is also utilizing muscles that haven't really been engaged to the degree the rest of us have, so it makes sense that they would be a little sore. He cut back in the afternoon and by the end of the day he was feeling much better. Good thing because tomorrow is going to be one heck of a climbing day.

Danielle Rivenbark