Day 17 - Topeka to Cameron

Greetings from Missouri! I hope that everyone enjoyed the quick video of my dad and I as we went over the conditions of the rides from the past few days. It's been pretty difficult fighting against Mother Nature, and the terrain of the journey has been extremely tough. Now that we've entered what some call "The Land of a 1,000 Hills," it's been a roller coaster of ups and downs. 

Still, despite the hilly terrain, the weather has been incredible this week. The damp mornings are behind us, and instead we have been blessed with sunshine and cool temperatures. It's amazing how much better a ride can be when the weather is finally going your way. And too top it off, today we reached the halfway point in our journey across the United States. What an amazing feeling to have made it this far! 

The scenery has been incredible as well. As we left the flat farmlands of Kansas behind and began to make our way into Missouri, there have been plenty of expansive views to take in. All day today the only thing I could think about is that this is everything I could have wanted during this bike trip. 

There were beautiful rolling pastures filled with cows and horses, windmills gently turning in the fresh spring breeze while birds sang throughout the trees lining the quiet country roads we were fortunate enough to ride on. Of course there were some moments when we would have to get back on a busy highway and be forced to endure the noisy cars and trucks, but those uncomfortable rides didn't last very long.  

Tomorrow we will be continuing our journey through Missouri, while evading potential thunderstorms along the way. Luckily we will only be facing a 30 percent chance of rain, so it I've got my fingers crossed that it will just pass us by.

Danielle Rivenbark