The Choices We Make

It's early Monday morning and I just woke up after about a 12-hour stint in my bed. This weekend took a lot out of me, and although it was great to get to spend time with some close friends and meet some new ones, I have to say I threw in the towel for June 16th. In fact, I might as well have been in frozen carbonite like Han Solo in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back, for all of the activity I was able to muster. Now I have always have had friends who have been able to go all night, all day, and then wake up and crush their total cumulative, multi-language test the next day in Ancient Civilizations or Quantitative Physics. I don’t know what fuels those individuals, but I can tell you with some confidence that I’ve never been that guy.

In fact, I'm closer to the guy who has three beers and then has a hangover for the next four days. It’s been an issue that I’ve tried to ignore my entire college career and this weekend was just another reminder that I at 23 not much has changed in my biochemistry. It was a pretty painful wake up call on Sunday morning, but it was something that I should have seen coming after years of repetitive experience.

So I was a little frustrated on Sunday when I literally contributed nothing to society as I lay on the couch and watched Hotel Transylvania, slept, and watched reruns of Friends. My goals set down for the summer were pretty much non-existent and working out was out of the question. This morning, rather than try and force out a work-out I knew would be nothing more than a series of short walks followed with some hands-on-the-knees panting sessions, I decided a more constructive way to spend my morning would be to write down my thoughts on what I’ve learned this weekend.      

Since my ride has been over, almost a full month ago now, I have had the good fortune to be able to go out and live it up like I used to in the college days. My new job was still on the horizon and I had nothing to worry about except what time I was going to be waking up to hit the gym. It as a fun couple of weeks, well worth the long stretch of training and strict discipline I needed to prepare for this bike ride. But as I begin my new job and suddenly my free time ratio has been cut down to a few hours in the morning and a few at night I realize that it is more important than ever to make the right kind of choices to maximize my free time and use it towards the goals I set for this week, most importantly the marathon training.      

On Saturday I managed to get 7 miles down in under an hour, and while this was an accomplishment in its own right, it also made me realize that I am far away from being able to competently run even a half-marathon, let alone the full one I plan on tackling in October.      I once read that some of the most highly successful people maintain their goals by always being conscious of the choices they make in relation to whether those actions will advance them towards their goals or not. It is a good philosophy to have, and I have to say that I agree with their viewpoint. Like I mentioned in my last post, we all have 24 hours in a day, and making decisions that can potentially deprive you of a full day that could be otherwise spent productively can be detrimental to plans set down.      

Just a little something I think I’ll have to keep in mind as I continue to adjust and find balance with my new work schedule. Until next time.

Danielle Rivenbark