Making the Effort

So I woke up this morning with a few sleepy birds calling outside my window and an overwhelming urge to bury my head back into my pillows and block out the world for another few hours. I was up last night a little later than normal, and only got about 5 or 6 hours of sleep. But the road calls out to me and I have to answer. I’ve been away for too long and after two days of resting and recuperation from the long weekend spent among good company, I am ready to dive back into the mix of things and continue forward with my training.      

And so here I am, a bowl of warm oatmeal at my desk and my running shoes tied securely to my feet. I have my job to get to in about three hours time, but all that I can think about right now is the steady pace I’ll be bringing to the route today and how much I’m going to need to stretch my leg muscles as they protest against this new form of exercise.      

I have to admit I've been surprised to find that it has taken this long for my two legs to acclimate to this new form of riding. Being young and versatile, and in what I would define as the best shape I’ve ever been in since riding across the country, I thought that getting into fighting shape for the upcoming marathon would be a little less time consuming and a lot less challenging. But no, my legs have other theories in mind so I will be continuing my slow grandfatherly shuffle as I continue to prepare for the next challenge.      

One of the things that I have been seriously considering since starting my training is the potential to raise some money for a good cause in the name of the event. This was the one element in my bike ride that I always regretted not following through with. When I tell people what I did, people are always asking me if I had ridden the route for a cause of some kind and I always reply that it was my one wish that I had. Luckily I was fortunate enough to ride with some individuals who were compassionate and dedicated enough to show me how it was done by example, so I have been taking steps to reach out to them as I search to find the best avenue to take as I continue forwards.      

Until next time, I’ll be sure to post up some photos for those of you interested and still reading as I make my transition off the bike and onto the pavement with my own two feet. Make sure to leave it all on the road folks.

Danielle Rivenbark