Keeping Accountable

Good morning everyone! It's still dark out and the house is quiet save for the gentle chirping of the crickets outside. It's my favorite part of the day, no one else is awake but me and it's times like this when I can really give my creative tendencies full reign and not have to worry about interruptions or distractions.     

Getting up at this early hour reminds me of the times when my dad and I would rise and shine and greet the world with less than eager attitudes at the prospect of riding another 100 miles. After tackling a nice 70 mile route with my dad on Tuesday, it's hard to believe that we rode as far as we did day after day. By the time we were finished with a "mere 70" my legs were shaking and my lower back was in knots. The good thing though is that despite my pain I felt like I could have put myself through another 30 miles and round out my ride to an even 100. A good indication that this Sunday's Century Ride will not be too terrible, as long as I keep a steady pace and follow my dad's lead.     

It's been a fun couple of days. The weather is starting to make that transition between steamy August afternoons to crisp Fall mornings. There has been ample sunshine and cool breezes this week, and during my ride yesterday I couldn't help but notice the smattering of colored leaves peaking out from the trees lining the road. Fall will soon be upon us, and it's my favorite time of year. A time of apple picking, pumpkin pies, leaf piles, and above all FOOTBALL SEASON! Some of my favorite times involve getting to spend time with my friends and watching football while eating chips, dip, wings, and guzzling my favorite Football drink, beer.     

Root Beer that is.     

I know, its a lame joke, but in all honesty Root Beer floats are one of my favorite Fall beverages, and if I can get my hands on one during Football Sundays, all the better for me. One of the things I've started to come to terms with during my post-college years is that I am really not that big of a drinker. Although it's fun to go out with your friends and be social on the weekends, I find that I would rather save my money and save myself the hangover and have a productive next day rather than drinking. I think it has to do with a combination of my training before the cross-country bike ride and my current goals. Maybe some people can pull it off, but for me it's impossible to perform my best during rides and in the gym when I'm hungover, and even harder to be creative when you have a pounding headache and just want to curl up and sleep the day away.       

But with the fall weather comes cooler temperatures, and it won’t be long before I start to have to put on the leg and arm warmers my dad picked up for us during our ride across the country. I won’t spend too much time grieving over dwindling sunshine filled afternoons and care free summer rides with my dad though. It will be a transitional period as cooler  weather sets in. I'm not entirely sad to see the warm days go. As things begin to pick up with my book I find myself sometimes too tired or too distracted with the prospect of filling my days with endless bike rides rather than buckle down and get serious with my writing.     

Many writers have this problem, it’s not that they don’t want to write; it’s just that sometimes we have trouble getting on track and focusing on the task at hand. One of the things I’ve taken into consideration these past few weeks is having someone to hold me accountable in keeping up with my writing. It’s important that I stick to a schedule and hold myself accountable to that schedule; after all I don’t want to be living with my parents forever (even another year might be stretching it). To assist with my efforts, I have even enlisted the help of my longtime childhood friend Brian. A fellow writer and active blogger, Brian has always been someone I could rely on in pas times and I’ll be reporting to him on a weekly basis to ensure I maintain a steady stream of content for both the book and my blog.

You may recognize the name from my introductory page on my blog as one of the people who inspired me to change my life towards a more positive direction. Brian is one of the most positive people I know, and his blog’s title Find Your Silver Lining, really just about sums up the guy. I highly recommend you check his writing out sometime if you ever need an uplifting or humorous moment to reflect on how it’s the little things in life that make it worth living.     Whether it's working out at the gym, writing a book, or just having some form of attainable goal, having a partner to keep  you accountable can be a HUGE benefit. You can lie to yourself, but you can't lie to a dedicated partner.

That’s all I have for right now. Until next time.

Danielle Rivenbark